4 x 4 Sewer Cleansing

Wilkinson Environmental Ltd is capable of performing CCTV Surveys and High Pressure Water Jetting in virtually any location.

With the use of specialised 4×4 vehicles, agricultural vehicles, remote hose reels and specialised access solutions, High Pressure Water Jetting and Tanker Vacuumation can be carried out on the most difficult of ground conditions.

Having portable mainline CCTV systems we are able to carry out surveys in the remotest of locations. This method requires only two men to carry the equipment, ensuring that no site is inaccessible.

These services are being used more frequently by our clients in emergency situations, where sewer blockages in the countryside could have devastating effects if an appropriate and effective service is not provided. Our dedicated 4×4 vehicles are on hand throughout the year.

Whether it be railways, countryside or more sensitive ground such as sports playing fields requiring minimal disruption, we are confident that we can provide off road services to suit any terrain.