CCTV Drainage Surveys

Wilkinson Environmental Ltd provides CCTV drainage surveys, investigations and mapping services on all pipe work from 40mm in diameter upwards. It is a cost effective method of locating drainage problems such as structural defects, hydraulic deficiency and cross contamination.

We continually strive to improve and invest in the most up to date technology in this rapidly changing industry, allowing us to deliver the most accurate and cost effective service to our clients.

CCTV drainage surveys are either performed with a motorised or push-along camera through the length of the defective pipe work. This is recorded onto VHS videotape, CD Rom or DVD depending on the clients’ preference.

All CCTV drain surveys are professionally coded with our WINCAN software to Water Authority Standards – WTI 0S20x. Any necessary corrective works are highlighted within the report and our engineers are on hand to advise upon the most appropriate course of action. Whether sewer cleaning, pipe lining, root cutting or open cut excavation is required, we are sure to find the best possible solution. All quotations are supplied free of charge with no obligations.