CIP Drain Lining

Wilkinson Environmental Ltd specialises in the installation of Cured in Place (CIP) liners, providing a cheaper solution to open-cut excavations.

CIP drain lining has become a popular method of repairing sewer systems. This method offers a full and permanent structural repair to any sewer from 100mm to 900mm, without the need for unsightly excavations and major site disruption.

The lining can be installed under buildings and applied to domestic, commercial and industrial situations. It can be installed as a single shot entry from a manhole to the main as well as a full-length liner from manhole to manhole.

Side connections/junctions from S24 and private sewers that connect to the main sewer are re-opened by hydraulic cutters.

Suitable applications for CIP drain liners:

• Foul and storm drainage systems, including all private, S24 and main sewers
• Strengthening pitch-fibre pipe work after re-rounding
• Prevent root growth after root cutting
• Sealing leaking joints, preventing infiltration and ex-filtration of sewers
• Repair damaged sections of sewer lines bringing a grade 5 sewer back to grade 1
• To cap off redundant or root-filled connections and junctions
• To prevent the erosion and scaling up of cast iron pipe work
• To repair damaged stack pipes both internally and externally
• To improve the hydraulic efficiency of sewer lines

We offer a wide range of lining services throughout the Midlands, Warwickshire, Coventry, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire as well as UK wide covering drain lining, sewer relining and patch lining, so for more information about a specific job contact us direct.