Hydrostatic Pipeline Pressure Testing

Getting your new pipeline systems up and running fast, or your repairs tested for leaks and defects, our hydrostatic pressure testing experts will ensure your system’s safe, efficient, and meets industry standards.

And our exclusive Wilkinson Joint Testing System gives us a unique advantage, helping to locate and test joints fast, and allowing long sections of pipe to be analysed quickly and accurately.

Pipeline Pressure Testing

Any newly installed pipeline must be pressure tested for leaks before it’s used. Pipeline pressure testing checks your pipes and joint fittings meet the legal requirements for safety and quality, testing things like leaks, capacity, pressure, and defects like distortion.

We carry out pipeline pressure testing for a variety of pipework and pressurised systems, from rising main testing from pumping stations to gravity sewers water testing, all across the UK.

Whether you’re checking the integrity of a new pipeline during rising main testing, or scrutinising a recent repair with gravity manholes water testing, there are several methods we can use, including air testing and water testing for any size pipe.

Pull-through stoppers also let us isolate sections of pipework to determine which joint is leaking. And our unique Wilkinson Joint Testing System gives us unmatched access and insights to save you time and money.

The Wilkinson Joint Testing System

After decades of carrying out pipeline pressure checking, we used our expertise to develop a new technology that gives us better access and insights into pipes as we carry out things like rising main testing from sewage pumping stations, and gravity water sewers testing.

Our unique Joint Testing System uses a high-tech camera to locate and test pipe joints fast. The flexible construction and guide wheels allow our Engineers to push our Joint Pipe Tester around bends and over displaced joints, while the mounted camera lets them see the exact location of joints before they begin testing.

It also allows long sections of pipeline to undergo hydrostatic pressure testing efficiently and accurately, and lets our Engineers test and view pipe diameters from 100mm to 525mm, with our larger joint testers featuring wheels for easy positioning. This unique technology is ideal whether they’re carrying out gravity manholes water testing, or assessing pumping stations with rising main testing.

Our hydrostatic pressure testing teams

Our Engineers are all EUSR approved, having been trained in pipeline pressure testing, and hold both EUSR and CSCS cards.

Before they start any work, they will issue detailed RAMS and, on completion of your pipeline pressure testing, they will issue certification and provide a photographic report, highlighting the sections which have undergone hydrostatic pressure testing.

Our UK-wide teams always work closely with the relevant local water board to ensure their requirements are met, in accordance with IGN-4-01-03 – Issue 2.

What to expect

When you arrange pipeline pressure testing with us, our specialist Engineers will:

1. Discuss the best hydrostatic pressure testing options with you and talk you through the process.

2. Arrive with our full kit of pipeline pressure testing equipment, including our unique Joint Testing System, to ensure all testing can be carried out quickly and efficiently.

3. Carry out the pipeline pressure testing with minimal disruption to you.

4. Issue you with your certification and a photographic report, highlighting the sections which have received hydrostatic pressure testing.

Why choose Wilkinson? 

  • Fully certified in pipeline pressure testing
  • EUSR approved Engineers 
  • CSCS and EUSR card holders
  • Industry leading drainage experts
  • Nationwide teams
  • 24/7 service

Our Pipeline Pressure Testing options 

  • Pumping Stations
  • Rising Main Testing
  • Gravity Sewers Water Testing
  • Gravity Manholes Water Testing
  • Newly installed pipelines
  • Repairs to existing pipelines

Book your Pipeline Pressure Testing

Call our Hydrostatic Pressure Testing experts to discuss how our EUSR approved UK-wide team can help you meet your local water board’s requirements for certification.