NEW Sonar Surveys

At Wilkinson Environmental Ltd, our innovative drainage team can now deliver advanced sonar 
surveys in surcharged and semi-surcharged pipes. Bespoke and built in-house this unique piece of equipment can 
deliver pan and rotate CCTV surveys above the waterline as well as capture high-resolution 
images under the waterline.

A new addition to our CCTV drainage services, this unique sonar surveyor offers a robust and
portable float system complete with camera/profiler height adjustment, which can also be
crawler mounted.

Capable of scanning a full 360 degrees per second with LED auxiliary lighting for larger diameter 
pipes, our sonar surveyor operates on roll sensors and can collect data in one single survey with 
dual images displayed on screen. Onscreen measurements are displayed with circle overlay 
for checking pipe deformities.

Date posted: December 5, 2017