Wilkinson Environmental Ltd, a leading drainage services company located in Warwickshire, The Midlands, has recently upgraded its fleet of CCTV drain survey vans to have the latest chassis and silent-running, battery-operated systems instead of traditional, diesel-run generators.

This latest move to improve work conditions for staff and modernise equipment that will significantly reduce levels of noise pollution for clients and residents when the company conducts CCTV drain surveys in residential and industrial areas throughout Warwickshire, the Midlands and UK.

This move coincides with the company’s move toward recycling Jet Vacs also, which are also much more efficient in terms of water consumption as well as fuel as the specialist Jet Vacs recycle the water they are using onsite to jet sewers and clean drains and gulleys with

Operating UK wide, Wilkinson Environmental provide a range of drainage services including clearing blocked drains, removing root mass from drains, cleaning excess debris and silt from sewers as well as CCTV drain surveys.

So if you have a slow flowing sink, foul smelling drain pipes or suffer from flash flooding in your garden during torrential rainy downpours perhaps your property and it’s surrounding surface water drainage system could benefit from some sewer or drain cleaning, followed by a thorough CCTV drain survey investigation.

Dependent on the results of the CCTV drain survey, Wilkinson Environmental are able to offer a wide range of drainage remedial works, from CIPP drain lining and top hat lateral repairs to pitch fibre re-rounding and epoxy patch repairs. The company has a long history of building bespoke direction water cutters and drainage equipment to tackle tricky jobs that many othe rocntractor claim cannot be done. The company prides itself on finding ‘no dig’ solutions for its customers which can be far more cost-effective in the long term.

For more information about our CCTV drains surveys in the Midlands follow this link.