CCTV surveys and drain cleaning in Warwickshire

Wilkinson Environmental Ltd a specialist drainage services firm based in Atherstone are proud to announce a further £2 million investment this year in two brand new 414 Jet Vac Recyclers and two brand new 312 Jet Vac Recyclers. Earlier this year the Warwickshire company, which has been showing continual signs of expansion, already invested £1.5 million in three new 312 Jet Vacs for its sewer cleaning and CCTV drainage survey division.

Bordering Leicestershire, and serving major surrounding cities including Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Leicester, Coventry, Derby and Nottingham, Wilkinson Environmental offer a wide range of drain services covering emergency blockage removals, root cutting, grout removal as well as specialise in the removal of steel pile and foundation concrete from public and private sewers.

This successful drainage services firm has been operating for over 28 years and take it’s corporate responsibility seriously. It’s senior management team are committed to working towards a more sustainable environment by reducing its carbon footprint with newer, more reliable vehicles, which reduce fuel consumption and emissions while delivering cost-effective drainage services for its clients.

The Jet Vac Recyclers offer a efficient drain cleaning service as the water is recycled as opposed to being discharged down the drains. A Recycler Jet Vac completes the same job as a normal Jet Vac used for drain jetting and cleaning with one major difference, they have a unique built-in system that recycles the water used.

Essentially this means it’s more productive while out on site as it doesn’t have to continually refill its water tank or use precious ‘work time’ to travel and refill its tank from water hydrants miles way. Consequently and environmentally Jet Vac Recyclers use less fuel and use less of our H2o as they recycle their own jetted water.

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