Directional water cutting? No problem. Owning one of the only single entry directional water cutters in the country, Wilkinson Environmental Ltd, based in Warwickshire, make small work of most stubborn sewer obstructions like builders’ grout, steel piles and foundation concrete, In fact, cutting concrete out of sewers has become somewhat our specialty.

Based in Atherstone, in the Midlands, with a sister drainage company in Windsor, Berkshire, our drainage engineers operate nationwide. The drainage group’s unique directional water cutter uses 20,000psi at 88 litres per minute and has successfully completed challenging jobs such as removing 100% foundation concrete from a 1000mm x 600mm egg-shaped sewer in Waterloo, London for Thames Water.

Spanning over 30 metres and taking nearly three months to complete, this complicated sewer concrete cutting job pushed the cutter and its drainage operators to a new level and firmly cemented, excuse the pun,  Wilkinson Environmental’s reputation within the hydro-demolition industry.

Aside from being able to cut through large tap roots and root mass that normal mechanical root cutters cannot remove, the bespoke built concrete cutter is also capable of safely removing obstructions from 110-150mm plastic and soft clay drainage pipes.

Wilkinson Environmental’s bespoke water cutter is leading the way in ‘no-dig’ trenchless technologies which saves many customers costly sewer excavations during difficult jobs.

So, if you have an issue with concrete stuck in your drains or need concrete cutting out of mainline sewers, get in touch with our friendly team for a no obligation quotation. Our experienced drainage team and project managers are always on hand and have extensive experience in tackling the difficult drainage jobs many other contractors turn away. Whether you have challenging issues with failed liners that need removing and relining, extensive root mass that needs cutting or builders grout that needs clearing, you’ve come to the right place and we’d be delighted ot help.