The big drain repairs dilemma.

When you need drain repairs it can feel daunting. The thought of digging up your property to replace a broken pipe would fill anyone with dread. But there are other, less-invasive solutions.

Instead of excavating your garden, or worse still your property, we can remedy most drain damage with drain lining or patch lining – without having to dig a single shovelful of earth.

Top culprits for broken drains

You may suspect damaged drains if you see pooling water, smell bad odours, hear gurgling noises from backed up drains, or even spy rats who’ve used the cracks to get into your system.

These cracks can occur through wear and tear over time or be caused by external factors like tree root ingress, freezing and thawing water, or ground movement caused by disturbances like traffic.

But, whatever the cause, you have a choice of drain repairs; and they don’t all require excavation. In fact, pipe lining and patch repairs can be carried out without any digging at all.

Deciding which fix is right for you

Our team in the Midlands can discuss all the options with you, from sewer lining to patch repairs. They’ll normally carry out CCTV drain surveys to look inside your drain network remotely, using our specialised camera equipment to find the location and cause of any damage that requires drain repairs.

They can then talk you through the options, whether that’s replacing pipework or, more likely, carrying out drain lining or targeted patch lining to fix your existing pipes.

Your options

  • Patch lining
    This is used for smaller localised areas of damage and is a quick, money-saving drain repairs solution, which prevents bigger problems developing
  • Drain and sewer lining
    This is used for larger areas of damage or pipes with multiple cracks or corrosion, but is still quick, easy, and cost-effective
  • Replacing pipes
    This is used as a last resort and involves excavating land to replace a full section of drain or sewer

Is pipe lining a good alternative to drain replacement?

Our drain lining solutions and patch repairs are not just fast, cost-effective, and dig-free (and hassle-free) alternatives for replacing drains, they’re also durable and long-lasting solutions for drain problems

The drain lining and patch lining process

The beauty of drain and sewer lining and patch repairs is they can be carried out remotely, without having to dig up your land. Your Wilkinson Environmental Ltd team will access your drain network via the nearest manhole or similar access point, using our state-of-the-art equipment to investigate and repair your pipework.

Here’s how it typically works:

  1. We assess your drains and sewers with a CCTV drainage survey
  2. We discuss the findings with you, confirming whether drain lining or patch repairs will work
  3. We carry out any necessary root cutting or drain cleaning before your drain repairs are carried out
  4. We use our specialised equipment, like inflatable packers, to install your liner or patch, and to cure it in place
  5. We carry out a follow-up CCTV drainage survey to ensure the drain lining or patch repairs have fixed the problems

All our pipe lining and patch lining options promise you minimal fuss, mess and stress.

Your experts for drain repairs

At Wilkinson Environmental Ltd, we carry out full drain, pipe, and sewer lining and isolated patch repairs for clients all across the UK and Midlands. As our headquarters is situated in Atherstone, locally we cover cities, towns, and villages around Warwick, Leicester, Birmingham, Coventry, and beyond.

Just get in touch for a free, no obligation quote, or to discuss our pipe lining and patch lining options in more detail.