Drainage installation – the right foundation

Perhaps you’re starting a new build. Maybe you’re prepping for an extension. Or perhaps you’re even developing a whole new community with multiple properties. The first stage of any building work is the groundworks – and that includes drainage installation.

And drainage groundworks and installation are the most important part of any build. If you don’t get your new sewer connections and drain connections right first time, you will have big problems later in your project (and sewer repairs and drain repairs aren’t cheap – or easy).

What does a wastewater management system do?

When you’re carrying out your drainage groundworks, you will need drainage installation for both surface water and foul water.

Surface water drains transfer the water from your roof, road, garden, and driveway into the natural water course (or to any soakaway or rainwater harvesting equipment you have).

Foul water drains are sewers which take the waste from your toilets, sinks, baths, showers, dishwashers, and washing machines to sewage treatment centres.

Drainage groundworks isn’t just for new properties

There are times you’ll need drainage experts for existing properties, it could be installing new drain connections for surface water for an extension, or adding new sewer connections for foul water because you’ve increased your water usage, or perhaps just making sewer repairs or drain repairs to a broken system.

Our team at Wilkinson Environmental Ltd work on small projects and on full drainage groundworks all across the Midlands, in places like Warwick, Leicester, Birmingham, and Coventry.

What’s involved in drainage installation

Adding new surface water or foul water drains sounds simple, but there are lots of pitfalls to avoid. You’ll need to check if you need:

  1. planning permission from your local authority or council
  2. party wall agreements (if your drainage will be near another property)
  3. specialist drainage installation materials because of your site’s location (and that any standard materials are up-to-code)
  4. any additional access points (for bends, junctions, drain changes)
  5. to avoid any underground electrical or gas lines
  6. licences for digging up any areas of the highway

Making drain connections and sewer connections easy

At Wilkinson Environmental Ltd, our drainage groundworks experts can look after every stage of your drainage installation, from clearance to foundations – including arranging and overseeing permits and inspections so you know your drainage installation (or drain repairs or sewer repairs) meet all building regulations.

We’re also experts in drainage health and safety, so you can be sure your trench excavation and drainage works comply with all current safety standards, even if your site needs specialist services, like asbestos removal or ground stabilisation.

Getting your drainage groundworks started

Our team across the Midlands are ready to help with your drainage groundworks. They can install new drain connections and new sewer connections, or make repairs to failing drainage systems. Visit our services page for more information.

Just give our team a call and we’ll help you through every stage of your drainage installation, drain repairs, or sewer repairs.