Flooding and the importance of sewer and drain cleaning.

With Storm Miguel upon us, Britain braces itself for torrential rain with a ‘severe’ yellow weather warning as forecasters predict some homes and roads could be effected by flooding.

After winds of 147km per hour (91mph) caused havoc by uprooting trees and damaging buildings on the northern coast of Spain and western coastal regions of France there are concerns of travel chaos in southern parts of the UK as the storm progresses towards us from the south.

With 20mm of rain predicted to fall in one hour in southern counties by the Met Office Oxford, Bath, Portsmouth, Cardiff and London are expecting the heaviest rain downpours.

With a very unsettled weekend on the horizon, coupled with gale force winds and the potential flooding of businesses and homes, this storm comes at an unusual time of year as our summer season gets underway.

In Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and Warwickshire we are no strangers to extreme weather conditions as we have all experienced severe flooding in recent years, but flood damage can cause havoc with regional travel infrastructure and disrupt our daily work and school lives.

Drainage problems and sewer blockages can contribute to areas at risk of flooding which is why regular maintenance of our sewer systems and drainage network is vital. Flood mitigation measures and regular sewer maintenance are essential in helping prevent the accumulative effect of flooding and drain blockages.

Wilkinson Environmental, based in Atherstone, offers a full range of drainage services throughout the Midlands, covering Warwickshire, Leicestershire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire as well as Gloucestershire. The company specialises in emergency drain blockages and sewer cleaning as well as removing dense root mass with robotic root cutters.

The drainage services firm is also a specialist in directional water cutting and can remove the most stubborn of drain blockages including builders concrete, grout and steel foundation pile.

If you suspect you may have tree root problems or drain blockages caused by leaves, removing debris and drainage maintenance is the solution, so for more information about CCTV drain surveys and drain cleaning services contact us directly.