Septic tank cleaning – Why it’s important?

Apart from the obvious benefits of cleaning your tank, like preventing bad smells from appearing, it’s important to maintain them to avoid bigger septic tank problems, like sewage backing up into your home or business, your soakaway becoming blocked, or even falling foul of the government’s regulations on emptying and maintaining your tank.

If you have a tank system, it’s important you read the government’s septic tank installation and maintenance rules.

Top ways to spot septic tanks that need cleaning

When it comes to septic tanks, out of sight shouldn’t mean out of mind. Regular maintenance is essential to avoid urgent septic tank cleaning – which arises when you spot signs inside your property, like slow-draining water, gurgling noises, and bad odours, and signs outside your property, like unpleasant smells, dampness, standing water, sludge, or prolific plant life and grass.

If you do see any of these signs, give your Wilkinson Environmental Ltd team a call straight away to arrange your septic tank cleaning. We do everything from tanker vacuumation, cleaning oil interceptors, and wet well cleaning, to simple cleaning and maintenance of grease traps and soakaways.

And remember, some problems are hidden – like damage to your system from ground movement or tree roots, but our team are experts in confined space entry and can help with regular maintenance to avoid these issues seriously damaging your septic tanks and soakaways.

How to clean septic tanks

The good news is, you don’t have to do it yourself. You can leave the really unpleasant bits to us at Wilkinson Environmental Ltd. Our experienced drainage operatives carry out maintenance and cleaning of everything from grease traps and soakaways to septic tanks, all across the Midlands, covering areas like Warwick, Birmingham, Coventry, and Leicester.

We are experts in confined space entry, whether you need tanker vacuumation or septic tank cleaning.  We can also make sure you don’t pay for problems your insurance already cover

What you can do – without getting messy

There are some easy ways you can avoid septic tank problems yourself. The simplest is making sure you only flush pee, poo, and paper (known as the three Ps) into septic tanks, and never feminine hygiene and sanitary products, baby wipes, toilet cleaning wipes, or other non-human waste products

It’s important you’re also careful about what goes down your drains (and ends up in septic tanks and soakaways), avoiding washing away fats and greases, and even some bleaches and cleaning products.

You should find what your system can cope with in the manufacturer’s guidelines, given to you during your septic tank installation or any other drainage installation – but you can always speak to us at Wilkinson Environmental Ltd if you’d like some extra tips.

How to arrange your septic tank cleaning

We have teams specialising in septic tank cleaning across the Midlands, so just visit our tank and vessel cleaning page and give us a call and we’ll talk through which option is best for you. And, remember, we can also help with any drainage and septic tank insurance questions.