After over 28 years in the business we’ve learnt a thing or two about drains. We are passionate about all things drainage and strive to find the best solutions for all our clients.




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Operating from the Midlands, we are in a prime location to offer extensive nationwide  services. Specialist machinery is on constant standby enabling a 24/7 callout service for any out of hours emergency works. We make continual investments in the latest technology enabling us to provide the most cost effective and accurate products to all our clients.

We can provide our civil engineering and drainage consultant services throughout the Midlands and Warwickshire as well as further afield in counties such as Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire, please contact us for further details.


We operate throughout the UK and Midlands and have an extensive customer base, both in the private and public sectors. We are always looking for new ways to improve our drainage and civil engineering services and welcome feedback. Here are just a few comments from our satisfied customers:

“Just wanted to provide feedback from site. Your crews have been highly commended by our site supervisor Malcolm. Especially Matt and his operative.”

Nick Mulligan, Senior Commercial Manager, FM Conway Ltd – Cleansing & Traffic Management, December 2017

“I am most grateful to Jon and his team for the highly professional and most helpful way in which they did the work. We much appreciated the considerate and thoughtful way they did the work to ensure the best result was achieved.  There was a minimum of disruption and the finished job is a credit to them and to your company.”

David Davies, Warwickshire, September 2009

“Thanks for doing such a good and tidy job. You gave us confidence from the start.
It was a pleasure to have such tradesmen”

Phil Bringloe, Coventry, August 2009

“My reason for writing is to commend to you the work of all those involved. They were careful, efficient and most considerate and the work was completed expeditiously to a very high standard. My wife, who was dreading the upheaval, had her mind put completely at rest by the care, consideration and competence of your company,  Many Thanks for the excellent work”

David Davies, Warwickshire, April 2009

“Extremely satisfied with the standard of workmanship and professional approach.”

D J Sibley, Leamington Spa, July 2008

“Wilkinsons have always been helpful, communicate well and do the job on time.”

N Dargan, Warwickshire, July 2008

“Thank you for a most professional and expert approach regarding work done following flood damage to ur patio and garden.  In particular your team comprising Sean, Hughie and Michael whose skills both practical and organizational have been second to none.  Over the years we have had various work undertaken and have never been more impressed.  The end result of their hard work and expertise will be enjoyed by ourselves for many years to come.”

Barry & Josie Lloyd, Leamington Spa, July 2008

“Your workmen were hardworking, neat and tidy. Thank you again for all your hard work”

Mary Johnson, Warwickshire, February 2008

“Both I and my neighbour were very impressed by you team, who were very efficient and did exactly what they said they would do and even cleared up after themselves when the job was done. The end result is a credit to them.”

Ian Mathie, Southam, March 2008

“Everyone who came here from Wilkinson were extremely pleasant and efficient. I have no complaints at all.”

Gill Presley, Leamington Spa, April 2008

“Fantastic job done, thank you to everyone involved.”

G Whelan, Leamington Spa, November 2007

Modern Slavery Policy & Procedure

This statement has been produced in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and sets out the actions that Wilkinson Environmental Limited will take to understand potential modern slavery risks related to its business activities and supply chains. This statement relates to actions and activities during the current financial year.

Wilkinson Environmental Limited is committed to preventing modern slavery in its business activities and its supply chains and detailed below are actions that have been implemented, and will continue to be, with the aim of fulfilling this commitment.

We are committed to the prevention of modern slavery which includes servitude, forced labour and human trafficking. Our Modern Slavery policy is delivered through a range of associated policies and procedures:

  • Ethical Code of Conduct Policy
  • Recruitment Policy
  • Work Safe & Whistleblowing Policy
  • Employee Code of Conduct
  • Environmental Policy
  • Corporate Responsibility Policy

Ultimate responsibility for ensuring prevention of modern slavery is held by Mike Moss, Director. Responsibility for monitoring compliance to this modern slavery policy is held by Louise Clements, Accounts Manager. This responsibility includes monitoring of employee salary, employment rights and supply chain communication cascades.

About Wilkinson Environmental Limited
Wilkinson Environmental Limited are involved in Drainage Services and Civil Engineering. Whilst not a large company, and thus not covered by the specific requirements of the Modern Slavery Act, we are key contractors to large companies, and thus form an essential part of their due diligence programmes.

Understanding the Risks of Modern Slavery

The key direct risks of Modern Slavery to Wilkinson Environmental are:

  • No contracts of employment including zero hours contracts;
  • Under pay of employees, self-employed contractors and subcontract companies – not paying as a minimum the living wage, and not paying an appropriate market rate for services engaged;
  • Excessive working hours – the majority of our direct employees have signed Working Time Opt Out Agreements, however this can lead, in some organisations, to excessive working hours, defined as, in line with NHS policy, greater than 56 hours per week, or not providing suitable rest periods between shifts or as a minimum a day off per fortnight;
  • Not been entitled to work in the country of employment;
  • Poor physical working conditions, including safety conditions;
  • Bullying, discrimination and harassment.

Due Diligence

We shall ensure that:

  • Individuals have the right to work in the country of employment.
  • As a minimum a Living Wage is paid
  • That pay reflects current market values for the sector and role,
  • That working hours restrictions are complied with, and excessive working hours discouraged,
  • That bullying, discrimination and harassment are not permitted or tolerated in any form.
  • That site conditions are safe and provide a working environment conducive to the protection of the environment, human health and quality workmanship.

In regards our supply chain our company is a medium sized company and thus our ability to influence the supply chain is limited. We will however implement due diligence in our supply chain in relation to modern slavery:

  • We will issue supplier questionnaires to all our key suppliers to enable us to undertake compliance checks to our requirements and to legal requirements regards modern slavery.
  • Our subcontractor evaluation form requires sub-contractors to declare their conformity to the Modern Slavery Act.
  • Our contractual requirements require that modern slavery is not permitted;
  • We expect our customers to deliver the same ethical treatment of us as a supplier, particularly in regards to payment terms and conditions, rates of pay and timely payment of applications.

Staff Training
We will provide all management staff training in relation to modern slavery, particularly providing focused training to our HR and Finance Teams.

Assessing Effectiveness
The delivery of this modern slavery policy shall be monitored and shall form part of annual management performance review.

Corrective Actions
Should an occurrence or potential occurrence of modern slavery be identified, either internally related to employment practice or working conditions or externally with the supply chain then appropriate corrective action shall be taken in line with the company’s Control of Non-

Conformity Procedure
All non-conformity shall be recorded and the required actions implemented in a timely manner.

Policy Review
This will be subject to review following any lessons learnt, identification of non-compliance and as a minimum annually.

Policy Approval
As the individual ultimately responsible for company compliance I endorse this policy.

Signed on Behalf of Wilkinson Environmental Ltd,

Mike Moss, Director, 5 January 2018