With over 28 years’ experience working with local authorities,
water authorities and other large private sector companies,
Wilkinson Environmental has gained a reputation for providing
quality civil engineering and drainage groundworks services.


Specialising in small to medium schemes provides customers with a uniquely personal and cost-effective service and the quality of our workmanship has always been at the forefront of our company’s development. We give our customers a single point of contact, which allows easy liaison throughout the project and an end product that is always to our clients’ satisfaction.

Just some of the areas we cover include: new sewer schemes, sewer connections, sewer repairs and maintenance, pipeline pressure testing, river syphon repair and construction, watercourse outfall works, waterway and river works, gabion installations, road and footpath construction, highway construction, repairs and maintenance, car parks and tarmacadam surfacing works, kerb laying, earthworks, standard and pre-cast foundation works, reinforced concrete and rapid set concrete structures, building works and all drainage groundworks.

All of our drainage groundworks operatives are highly experience and trained with qualifications such as CPCS, CSCS, NRSWA and First Aid and can offer a professional and safe service.


Wilkinson Environmental Ltd can offer a comprehensive drainage groundworks packages to its customers, allowing property developers to establish fixed costs from the initial site clearance to foundation. We provide a complete service to private companies and individuals who want a personal, cost-effective and professional approach.

  • Drainage groundworks
  • New sewer connections
  • Demolition
  • Site clearance
  • Ground stabilisation
  • Asbestos removal
  • Foundations
  • Concrete floors
  • New build

We can also offer a complete construction and management service for many small to medium sized projects. Contact us direct to discuss our services and for a free ‘no obligation’ quotation.

Wilkinson Environmental can provide drainage groundworks throughout the UK and Midlands, including Warwickshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire.


Wilkinson Environmental Ltd specialises in drainage groundworks and flood mitigation work for properties and developments that are at risk of flooding.

Due to the increase of development and changes in weather patterns over recent years, flooding from over-loaded sewer systems is now an unfortunate and common occurrence.

Working with utility companies and local authorities, we have developed many cost-effective applications to protect properties at risk. Flood protection can be provided in many different forms such as

  • Flood barriers
  • Flood gates
  • Sewer diversions
  • Electronic anti-flood valves
  • Non-return valves
  • Sewer diversions

All flood solutions are bespoke to individual requirements. If you are concerned your property may be at risk, or you have already experienced damage and costly flooding, please do not hesitate to contact us for advice and a ‘no obligation’ quotation.

We can provide flood mitigation work throughout the UK an


Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) are now becoming an important aspect for all building developments and property improvements. It is a government requirement that all new developments should collect, treat and ideally re-use storm water where it falls.

Wilkinson Environmental specialise in SUDS and drainage groundworks systems. We install and develop systems for private and commercial customers as well as water authorities. These systems include:

  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Grass paving
  • Permeable drives and pavements
  • Green roof and wall construction
  • Rainwater soakaways
  • Rainwater attenuation

If you are building or developing properties and would like some more information about SUDS, please do not hesitate to contact us for advice and a ‘no obligation’ quotation.

We can provide SUDS and groundworks UK wide and throughout the Midlands, Warwickshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire


Using our unique mobile surface crushing machinery, we can repair large areas such as drives and car parks quickly and cheaply.


  • Restore un-made drive and car parking areas
  • Remove pot holes and vegetation
  • Improve drainage run-off
  • Construct new access roads through woodland
  • Very competitive prices for ground stabilisation using quicklime and fly ash


Wilkinson Environmental carry out ground stabilisation works to construct temporary access roads for building sites in the Midlands and throughout the UK.

Using specialist ground stabilisation equipment Wilkinson Environmental, based in the Midlands and operating UK wide, can provide cheaper alternatives to larger civil engineering companies for ground stabilistation works on small building sites and construction sites.

Ground stabilistation can be used to prepare the ground prior to building works to form a hard wearing and firm working area and as an alternative to piling. This method is also an effective and cheaper way to form temporary access roads, with the added advantage of re-crushing the surface after the works leaving the sub-soil as it was prior to the work starting.

These ground stabilisation and road reclamation methods can be applied to many situations, during the autumn and winter seasons, ensuring that rutted and water logged building sites are a thing of the past. Work can also be carried out continuously, regardless of weather and ground conditions.


Time critical concrete repair projects?

Rapid Set Cement® is a durable, fast-setting cement with rapid strength gain for new construction, concrete repairs and concrete restoration projects.

It is the perfect choice for time critical jobs within manufacturing and engineering industries and can be used for waste disposal yards, recycling depots, highways, bridges, runways and industrial floors. With its superior durability properties, high strength and low shrinkage Rapid Set Cement give you exception concrete performance on assorted projects.

Standard industrial concrete sets within 28 days and is 70% cured at seven days. Rapid set concrete solutions can be used for horizontal, vertical and overhead concrete projects and reaches structural strength within one hour.


Installing reinforced concrete flooring is sometimes the only reliable and heavy-duty solution for our commercial and industrial clients.

From warehouses, storage facilities and commercial buildings to trade yards, roads and access ways with over 25 years’ experience in civil engineering Wilkinson Environmental has the skill set,knowledge and expertise to deliver projects on time and on budget.

We install a wide range of reinforced concrete floors and structures across a broad industry spectrum,from coloured concrete floors for warehouse interiors and bush hammered concrete floors for pathways and parks to power floated concrete floors for the perfect smooth finish.

Whatever your needs – dappled, hand trowelled or non-slip tamped we offer a variety of reinforced concrete floors for every business or domestic setting.

For cost-effectiveness and efficiency contact us direct for a quote.


We carry out a wide range of dilapidation works throughout the Midlands and UK from stripping out entire commercial buildings and industrial warehouses to demolishing small domestic structures and offices.

We undertake all types of dilapidation works covering the following industry sectors and circumstances.

Waste water facilities
Recycling plants
Office strip outs
Educational facilities
Medical institutions
Factories & industrial units
Fire & smoke damage
Flood, storm and water damage
Restoration and repair works
Fabrication works

Committed to efficiency, cost effectiveness and best-practice for health and safety our trained and knowledgeable team deliver well organised and safe project solutions.


Need interior space suitable for your business needs and image? Transform your office space into a place your staff will enjoy coming to work in and, most importantly, clients love to visit. Working alongside professional designers every step of the way Wilkinson Environmental we can install and deliver your ideal office fit out or office refurbishment on time and budget and transform the way you work. Our experienced project managers organise office fit outs to suit our customers’ needs causing minimal disruption to the normal working day.

For further information or a quote please contact us directly.


Specialising in bespoke schemes, big or small, Wilkinson Environmental have been involved in the civil engineering sector for over 25 years’ and have the capacity, knowledge and expertise to deliver timely and cost-effective car parking and surfacing solutions.

From re-configuring existing car parks and creating parking facilities on brown field sites to giving a new lease of life to worn out tarmacadam our clients liaise with one single point of contact to deliver their project on time and budget.

We work in all industry sectors, here are just some of the areas we cover:

Supermarket car parks
Sports grounds and leisure facilities
New build residential sites
Schools and educational facilities
Industrial sites and complexes
Commercial estate agents
Caravan parks
Retail outlets
Garage forecourts

Achieving results for our clients is paramount, whether they require us to build roads and footpaths, lay kerbs and road junctions with high-quality asphalt or construct, repair and maintain highways.

From planning application to handover, Wilkinson Environmental will guide and assist you through the entire process and deliver high quality and durable surfacing solutions.


Need interior space suitable for your business needs and image? Transform your office space into a place your staff will enjoy coming to work in and, most importantly, clients love to visit.

Working alongside professional designers every step of the way Wilkinson Environmental we can install and deliver your ideal office fit out or office refurbishment on time and budget and transform the way you work. Our experienced project managers organise office fit outs to suit our customers’ needs causing minimal disruption to the normal working day.

For further information or a quote please contact us directly.


Wilkinson Environmental Ltd offers a complete hard and soft landscaping service for domestic and large commercial contracts and individual domestic customers.

  • Fencing
  • Development finishing works
  • Sports fields and playgrounds
  • Paving and driveways
  • Street furniture
  • Environmental improvement
  • Water features and structures

Whether you would like a quote to improve your own property with decking or a new patio, or you are simply looking to improve the overall appearance of an industrial unit or park, we can offer a tailor-made proposal to suit your needs.

Our in-house design team can provide a complete project overview, including visuals to complement our advice. This valuable service allows our customers to visualise a true representation of the end result.

For advice and a ‘free of charge’ quotation, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Groundwater control or dewatering is a method used to lower the surrounding groundwater levels and groundwater pressures to enable stable ground conditions for excavating. Methods used are determined upon assessment of the ground conditions, location and depth of the excavation.

Dewatering is an effective solution for dealing with running sand during repairs to sewers and the control of groundwater during basement and tunnel construction.

Wellpoint dewatering is the most effective method for lowering water levels in relatively shallow excavations up to 6.0m deep. They can be installed relatively easily to create a versatile system and can be easily maintained. These systems can be arranged in any formation to enable the excavation of localised shafts or a linear system can be installed to provide dewatering for long trenches.

This method comprises of a number of disposable small diameter wells being driven into the ground using high- pressure water jets. These wells can be driven around the perimeter of the works to below the depth of the excavation. Riser pipes are then placed into the wells and connected at the surface with a continuous header pipe which, in turn, is connected to a specialist high vacuum pump. Once the pump is turned on the water is pulled up from the wells in the immediate area of the excavation, leaving the working area stable. The water is then discharged or removed from site.

Deep Wells

Deep well systems are designed for use in excavations deeper than 6.0m where wellpoint or multi-stage wellpoint dewatering is not feasible. They can also be used in situations where there is limited space for a wellpoint system, allowing the deep well to be placed at a greater distance from and depth below the excavation, providing a greater draw-down effect.

Deep wells consist of deep-bored holes of a diameter of usually 200–300mm,  which are then lined to filter the groundwater. A suitable electric submersible pump is then lowered into the vertical well with a flexible pipe attached. Once the pump is turned on the water is pumped from the bottom of the well up to the surface well head and then to a discharge point.