Sewer repairs, Drain Lining & Concrete Cutting

Innovation is at the core of our sewer repairs services.
Perfect if you need CIPP, UV or GRP drain lining or require
our bespoke directional water cutter to remove stubborn
concrete, grout or steel from your sewer.


Wilkinson Environmental Ltd specialises in sewer repairs and the installation of CIPP (Cured in Place Pipe), UV (Ultra Violet) and GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) liners, providing a cheaper solution to open-cut excavations.

These drain lining methods offer a permanent structural repair to any sewer from 100mm to 3000mm, without the need for excavations and major site disruption. The drain lining can be installed under buildings and applied to domestic, commercial and industrial drainage problems. It can be installed as a single shot entry from a manhole to the main as well as a full-length liner from manhole to manhole. Side connections/junctions from S24 and private sewers that connect to the main sewer are re-opened by hydraulic cutters.

Suitable drain lining applications include:

  • Foul and storm drainage systems, including all private, S24 and main sewers
  • To strengthen culverts and brick barrels
  • Strengthening pitch-fibre pipe work after re-rounding
  • Prevent root growth after root cutting
  • Sealing leaking joints, preventing infiltration and ex-filtration of sewers
  • Repair damaged sections of sewer lines bringing a grade 5 sewer back to grade 1
  • To cap off redundant or root-filled connections and junctions
  • To prevent the erosion and scaling up of cast-iron pipework
  • To repair damaged stack pipes both internally and externally
  • To improve the hydraulic efficiency of sewer lines

We offer a wide range of drain lining services throughout the Midlands, Warwickshire, Coventry, Birmingham, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire as well as UK wide covering pipe lining, sewer relining, sewer repair and patch lining, so for more information about a specific job contact us direct.


Wilkinson Environmental Ltd has invested in the latest Top Hat lateral repairs systems.

The Top Hat system has been developed to repair faulty/damaged connections and to prevent root growth around the defected connection without the need for costly excavations.

This system is design to work in conjunction with the CIPP (Cured in Place) drain lining system, but can also be used on its own if the pipe work surrounding the defective connection is structurally sound.

In some cases, where poor quality contracts have left the pipe work intruding into the main sewer, a hydraulic cutter is required to grind back the intruding connection before the Top Hat can be installed.


Wilkinson Environmental Ltd’s drain patch repair system is designed to achieve a point repair without the need to reline the full length of a sewer.

A fibre glass matting is impregnated with an epoxy resin, which is then secured around an inflatable flow-through packer and allows the sewer to continue operating without the need for over-pumping. The packer is pulled into place and inflated to cover the defective area. A choice of 600mm and 1000mm patches can be used to repair defects.

This method offers a cheap and efficient system of drain repair and can be installed in pipe work from 100mm to 900mm.

Suitable applications for epoxy patch repairs:

• Spot repairs on foul and storm drainage systems, including all private, S24 and main sewers
• Prevent root growth on single joints after root cutting
• Sealing leaking joints, preventing infiltration and ex-filtration of sewers
• Repair damaged sections of sewer lines bringing a grade 5 sewer back to grade 1
• To cap off redundant or root filled connections and junctions
• To repair defects within diameter changes

For more information about our drain lining or patch repairs, get in touch.


Wilkinson Environmental Ltd has developed a system for re-rounding deformed pitch-fibre pipes, enabling them to be re-lined.

This system works using two five tonne winches, which pull a specially designed re-round tool through the deformed section of pipe work and forces the pitch fibre pipe to reform and remove any blistering and deformity.

This is carried out three times and then the pipe is flushed out with clean water to remove any debris. A structural CIPP (Cured in Place) drain liner is then installed to prevent the deformity and blistering returning.

This is a beneficial system as there is no need to remove existing manholes and the pipeline can be restored to its original shape without the disruption of a costly excavation.


Cutting concrete out of sewers has become our specialty. Wilkinson Environmental Ltd has one of the only single entry directional water cutters in the county, capable of cutting through the most stubborn obstructions.

The directional water cutter uses 40,000psi at 80lpm through a single pencil nozzle, delivering astonishing cutting power. The single entry unit can be driven down to any obstruction and the unit will easily cut through large tap roots and root mass, which normal mechanical cutters cannot remove.

It can also handle intruding connections and cut through heavy deposits of concrete up to 50 N/mm2 strong in any size pipe work, from 100mm to 1000mm. It is also capable of dealing with up to 40% deformities in sewer lines, which sets it aside from most other cutting units.


For many years removing concrete and grout from 4” or 6” sewer pipes has always been incredibly difficult, especially if it’s 50NM, which has leaked in from house footings or piles.

Usually the first method to remove concrete is by using a high-pressure directional water cutter (12,500psi) with standard rear-facing jets, which are generally used for cleaning normal sewer debris. This gives forward thrust to propel the jet and hose forward to the sewer obstruction in the assumption the jet will sit on top of the concrete and cut through it.

As the concrete obstruction get thicker this stops working and the jet gets closer to the sidewalls of the pipe work. Eventually, the sewer cleaning contractor and client find themselves in a difficult situation and discover there is no more pipe work left, only the immovable concrete. This method also fails if the concrete is over 80%.

The second approach, undertaken by more experienced concrete cutting engineers is to attach a forward facing jet/pencil nozzle on to rods and attempt to cut the concrete out. However, this method is also floored as the forward facing jet creates so much thrust it forces the jet out of the sewer and away from the obstruction.

Using innovative, no-dig technology, Wilkinson Environmental, the Midlands based sewer cleaning specialists, have successfully developed a directional water cutter that counter reacts the force of the forward facing jet and is capable of working up to 40,000psi. This concrete cutter will remove the hardest of concretes and grouts. Our ‘tried and tested’ directional water cutter has already successfully dealt with a large hole in an existing pipe, as well as fractures and displaced plastic pipe work without damaging the sidewalls of the pipe work.




After over 28 years’ in the drainage sector we are industry experts in drain lining, drain relining and failed liner repairs.

Whether you need to reline a large 900mm x 600mm brick egg sewer, reform and reline a drain with a damaged 90-degree bend on a 150mm pipe or remove a sewer collapse on a 225mm sewer 6 meters deep with no possibility of excavation; rest assured we’ve done it all.

We pride ourselves on offering our clients a bespoke solution to drain lining problems many other drain contractors cannot repair. Our drain lining cutters are built in-house and we employ our specialist cutting units and epoxy Brawoliner techniques to overcome all failed liner issues.

Please visit our case studies page for further project examples of our drain lining services.


Cutting steel foundation pile out of sewers is our specialty. Our in-house engineers have developed a bespoke 40,000psi cutting unit capable of removing steel pile and large lumps of concrete from sewers.

Innovative, no-dig technology is an area we thrive in and as a Midland’s based sewer cleaning sand drain lining company, our specialist abrasive directional water cutter will remove the hardest of materials, including steel pile and foundation concrete.

We complete jobs that can’t be done.

For more information, please visit our case studies page.