From emergency sewer blockages, CCTV drain surveys and drain lining to sewer repairs, drainage groundworks, pipeline pressure testing and new sewer connections, as a leading drainage company in Warwickshire, the Midlands, we’ve got it covered.


Wilkinson Environmental Ltd provides CCTV drainage surveys, investigations and mapping services on all pipework from 40mm diameter upwards. It is a cost-effective method of locating drainage problems such as structural defects, hydraulic deficiency and cross contamination.

We continually strive to improve and invest in the most up-to-date technology in this rapidly changing industry, allowing us to deliver the most accurate and cost-effective service to our clients.

CCTV drainage surveys are either performed with a motorised or push-along camera through the length of the defective pipework. This is recorded and uploaded as a video file.

All CCTV drain surveys are professionally coded with our WINCAN software to Water Authority Standards – WTI 0S20x. Any necessary corrective works are highlighted within the CCTV drainage report and our engineers are on hand to advise the most appropriate course of action. Whether it’s sewer cleaning, drain lining or root cutting, we’re confident we can find the best possible solution. All quotations are ‘no obligation’ and free of charge.


Wilkinson Environmental Ltd has a large range of sewer blockage vehicles on 24 hour standby for a fast and efficient emergency service.

With a large fleet of specialist drain blockage and sewer cleaning vehicles, from van pack units to high-volume Jet Vac Recyclers all based in Atherstone, Warwickshire, Wilkinson Environmental is perfectly located in the Midlands to attend an extensive geographical area, providing a fast, reliable and cost-effective emergency drain blockage service to all domestic, commercial and industrial customers.

If you have an emergency, contact us today for a no obligation sewer blockage quote.


High-pressure water jetting is an immediate and cost-effective way of cleaning and maintaining sewers and drainage systems. It can reduce the need for disruptive excavation work in order to clear blocked drains.

We are a specialist drainage cleaning company with 30 years’ experience working in this industry. We cover the Midlands and the UK so if you are looking for ‘drainage cleaning near me’ we are the local and professional drainage cleaning company for you.

A high-pressure water jetting unit can remove sewer and drainage blockages where excavations would not be possible. Drain jetting is suitable for pipe work sizes ranging from 100mm up to 2000mm in diameter, and if carried out regularly, cleaning and jetting can greatly improve the life span of pipelines and sewer drainage systems.

Wilkinson Environmental Ltd can provide a variety of units from high-volume machines up to 80gpm performance, to high-pressure machines capable of up to 36,000psi.

Our sewer cleaning units provide a rear mounted hydraulic jetting reel with over 200 metres of hose as standard. All units are supplied with jetting nozzles ranging from blockage nozzles, bomb jets to silt jets and spinning jets. With our wide range of sewer cleaning equipment, Wilkinson Environmental Ltd guarantees that all blockages and sewer cleaning works are carried out as efficiently as possible.


Wilkinson Environmental Ltd has built up a wealth of experience in removing obstructions that most other contractors walk away from and say cannot be removed.

If you have an obstruction in a sewer line that is too difficult or too deep to carry out an open excavation on, and everyone is telling you that it cannot be removed, then give Wilkinson Environmental a call. We can remove a variety of obstructions including the following:

• Full house bricks from 6″ sewers upwards
• Drain rods lost down connections that are intruding into main sewers
• Intruding connections which impair flows
• Drain stoppers that have been left in the sewer by a contractor after repairs
• Displaced jointing rings
• Big obstructions in large culverts


The most effective method of cleaning or surveying wet wells, oil interceptors, large diameter sewers and other large vessels is by man-entry.

At Wilkinson Environmental Ltd, all our operatives are fully qualified in entering, travelling and working in confined spaces. We specialise in tanker vacuumation, pump station maintenance and oil interceptor cleaning. With the use of specialised breathing apparatus and permanent gas detection equipment, our well-experienced drainage operatives can carry out work safely and efficiently, ensuring attention to health & safety at all times.

As well as the cleaning and surveying of wet well and large vessels, we also specialise in the installation of apparatus within large diameter sewer systems and have specialist confined space rescue teams on standby.

So whether you require pump station maintenance, tanker vaccumation or to clean a septic tank, grease trap, soakaway or oil interceptor, we are confident that whatever your requirements for work within confined spaces, Wilkinson Environmental Ltd will be able provide you with a quality and safe service.

Hydrostatic Pipeline Pressure Testing

Wilkinson Environmental Ltd can provide pipeline pressure testing for a variety of of pipework and pressurised systems, including rising main and gravity sewers.

After the installation or repair of any sewer, drain or pipeline system it should be tested for leaks. Newly laid and existing drainage pipeline systems can be pressure tested by a variety of means from air testing to water testing on both positive and negative pressure tests on any size pipe. Pull through stoppers can also be used to isolate sections of pipework to determine which joint is leaking.

Wilkinson environmental have also developed a unique Air Joint Testing System, incorporating a camera which allows pipe joints to be quickly located and tested. The flexible construction and guide wheels allow the Air Joint Pipe Tester to be pushed around bends and over displaced joints. The mounted camera allows the operator to see the exact location of the joint before testing commences.

The Air Joint Testing System allows long sections of pipeline to be pressure tested quickly and accurately saving time and money. The system allows you to both test and view pipe diameters from 100mm – 525mm (225+mm joint testers have wheel attached for easy positioning).



Extending your house or building a home extension or garage?

Any building or groundworks can affect underground sewer pipes and sewer connections within your property’s boundaries. Since water utility companies took ownership of all shared sewers in 2010, all homeowners and property developers planning to build over or close to a public sewer (within 3 metres) need to gain permission from their local sewerage company and provide a Build Over Survey. This is required under Building Regulations 2010 part 4

Wilkinson Environmental offers a complete service for Build Over Surveys including a scaled plan showing the position of the sewer line, a CCTV survey of the sewer line in question (detailing any faults) plus a follow up drainage survey and engineers report detailing any observations and recommendations. Most importantly the Build Over Survey provides proof that you have not caused any damage to the sewers and there are no issues with the drain before you start.



Are you a developer with a building or housing site with existing drainage on it? Have the drains been adopted by the local water company?

If your local water company has not adopted your private drains you could be liable for extensive maintenance and repair bills, should problems arise, as they are your responsibility.

As a private drain owner, you also need to consider the environmental impact of sewer failure. For example, are you polluting the environmental unknowingly? When a private sewer system fails, foul effluent can pollute the local environment for which there are substantial fines for.

As waste water consultants at Wilkinson Environmental we assist private property owners and commercial building developers get their sewers adopted by the local water authorities. We are also specialists in new sewer connections, sewer repairs and can provide CCTV drain surveys and sewer cleaning services throughout Warwickshire the Midlands and the UK.



Wilkinson Environmental Ltd provides an emergency response service for the control and clean-up of inland water pollution incidents.

Our rapid response teams are on 24hr standby for chemical spillages, internal and external flooding incidents.

Dedicated vehicles come complete with spill kits, oil retention booms and oil absorption materials. We also have mobile oil interceptors and pumping equipment on constant standby should over pumping be required.

In the event of pollution incidents, Wilkinson Environmental Ltd provides an experienced team to carry out a full investigational service. We offer a detailed report of the incident specifying possible causes and appropriate solutions.

Wilkinson Environmental Ltd is committed to the protection of the environment and to providing a comprehensive range of high standard services to our customers.


With regards to highways drainage services, knowledge is power.

For cost effective asset management Wilkinson Environmental offers a full range of HADDMS surveys for the Highways Agency, construction, water utilities and civil engineering sectors.

We cover all highways survey requirements including full detail defect surveys, quality CCTV drain surveys, asset condition surveys, validation surveys, connectivity surveys as well as inspection and investigation surveys.

Using the latest cameras and industry software we can remotely survey sewers, culverts and pipework ranging from 25mm to 3 metres wide. All our surveys are compliant with HD43/04 and IAN 147/12 specifications which allows our shape files to be uploaded to the national HADDMS database.

We offer quality reporting as well as sonar survey capabilities. All of our highly trained CCTV surveyors are OX19 qualified and our written reports are coded using the latest Wincan technology.


Save time, money and valuable water resources.

With our new fleet of JHL Jet Vac Recyclers we make every drop of water count and deliver cost-effective waste management and drain cleaning solutions. Over the last few years we have invested heavily in our modern fleet which comprises of JHL 206 Recyclers, JHL 312 Recyclers and most recently JHL 414 Recyclers.

As a Warwickshire based drainage company we operate throughout the Midlands and nationwide and are committed to working towards a more sustainable environment by reducing our carbon footprint.

We specialise in all types of sewer cleaning including clearing blocked drains and sewers, root and concrete cutting, tankering, emergency drain blockages and cleaning gullies, soakaway and gullies.

Our recycling Jet Vacs re-use dirty water to clean sewers, enabling us to stay on site for longer and offer better value for money and more efficient solutions to our clients.


We don’t believe in replacing drains and sewers when we don’t need to.

We can often provide affordable drain lining and repairs to give an existing system a new lease of life. And our specialist lining solutions save money and time.

When drains are leaking, overflowing, or backing up, it can sometimes feel like new drains are the only solution. But our expert Drainage Engineers will always examine a system first, to see if cheaper and simpler drain repairs or drain lining could fix the flaws.

Usually working remotely and using specialist cameras, Wilkinson Environmental Ltd Engineers can locate any damaged drains or failed liners and target the spots that need action.