Drain Repairs Solihull​

Need drain repairs in Solihull? Wilkinson Environmental offer sewer and drain lining solutions including CIPP, UV and GRP lining; all installed with minimal disruption. We also install patch repairs, manhole covers, septic tanks and new sewer connections.

We don’t believe in replacing drains and sewers when we don’t need to. 

Why replace drains and sewers when you can have them repaired for a fraction of the cost? We provide affordable drain repairs in Solihull to give an existing drainage system a new lease of life. Our specialist drain lining and drain repair services save you time and money.

New drains or drain repairs Solihull?

It can sometimes fell like a new drain is the only solution when you’re faced with backed up drains that are  leaking or overflowing. Our expert Drainage Repair Engineers will examine your system first to conclude whether drain repairs in Solihull could fix the issues you’re having.

We at Wilkinson Environmental Ltd can send our drain repair engineers to locate any damaged drains or failed liners and target the spots that need action. We can usually do this remotely.

Our drain repairs are carried out with minimal mess, fuss, and cost. 

Sewer lining solutions.

Our state-of-the-art drain lining solutions include CIPP lining, UV lining, and GRP lining. 

They are all no-dig (trenchless) technologywith pipe relining offering complete drain repairs Solihull without excavation. Click below to find out more.

Patch repair solutions

Our engineers carry out in-depth investigations before starting any drain repairs in Solihull, and they may find you do not need full a full drain repair service.

If so, they may suggest patch lining for any damaged sections, which will fix the drain issue and protect it for the future. Options for sewer repairs include epoxy patch repairs and top hat lateral repairs.

Our drain patch repairs are the effective, safe, and economical solution if you only have small areas of damage to your drains.

Solihull Drain Repairs – What to expect

If you have need sewer repairs or have damaged drains, our Drainage Engineers will: 

  1. investigate your drain system using our CCTV drain survey equipment, this is usually carried out remotely
  2. determine if you require a full drain replacement, drain relining or patch repairs
  3. discuss options with you, and talk you through which drain repairs you require – CIPP lining, UV lining, and GRP lining product options
  4. carry out the drain repairs with minimal disruption and messsaving you time compared to replacing drains 

Why choose Wilkinson? 

  • Innovative drain lining technology 
  • Industry leading drainage experts 
  • Nationwide teams 
  • 24/7 service to cut disruption

Our Drain Repair Options

  • Top Hat Lateral Repairs 
  • Epoxy Patch Repairs 
  • Drain Repairs  
  • Drain lining

Book your Drain Repairs in Solihull

Call our experts to discuss how our team across Solihull, the Midlands and the UK can help with drain repairs, offering everything from pipe lining to sewer repairs. 

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