Blocked drains can contribute to localised flooding and drainage problems. We’ve all seen the headlines… monster fatbergs clogging up the nation’s drains. Well, the reality can be even scarier than the stories, with sewer cleaning costing councils thousands thanks to these colossal collections of fat, grease, and debris.

So, how do you prevent fatbergs and drain problems affecting your home or business? And how do you avoid the hassle and cost of blocked drain cleaning?

Top tips for avoiding drain problems

The simplest rule for preventing blocked drains is “only flush the three Ps”. (That’s pee, poo, and paper – and we mean toilet paper.)

Here are some of the biggest drain-blocking culprits:

  • Wet wipes
    Tip: ignore what you read – don’t believe it when brands say they’re flushable; they’re not
  • Food leftovers
    Tip: scrape your plates before you rinse them or put them in the dishwasher
  • Cooking waste
    Tip: cool, store and bin your cooking oils, fats, and grease; don’t wash them down the drain
  • Stray hairs
    Tip: buy a hair trap for your plughole (and clean it)
  • General dirt
    Tip: keep things clean, from your sinks, basins, and toilets to your dishwasher and washing machine filters

You’d be surprised what we’ve found during our CCTV drainage surveys into customers’ drain problems – even old traffic cones, trolley wheels and foundation concrete have led to emergency drain blockages and blocked drain cleaning that could have been easily avoided.

How to spot drainage issues

Some signs of blocked drains are unmistakable: unpleasant smells, rising toilet water, slow-draining sinks, overflowing drains, pools of water in your dishwasher…

Whether you have emergency drain blockages or long-standing drainage issues, your local Wilkinson Environmental Ltd team can assess your drain problems without mess or fuss with one of our CCTV drainage surveys.

CCTV drain surveys reveal the location and extent of drain problems and can tell you if a simple spot of sewer cleaning will resolve it. And, by catching blocked drains quickly, you can avoid them turning into those headline-hitting fatbergs. 

Unblocking your blocked drains

Once our team have assessed your drainage issues using our CCTV drain surveys, they can help you find the most cost-effective and least disruptive blocked drain cleaning solution.

As leading drainage experts in the Midlands, covering places like Warwick, Leicester, Birmingham, Coventry, and beyond, with our large fleet of drainage vehicles, your Wilkinson Environmental Ltd team could even start sewer cleaning straight away – ideal if you have emergency drain blockages.

Get tips and help from the drainage experts

Our drainage experts are on hand with tips for preventing drain problems – and help if they’ve already become damaged or blocked, we specialist in a wide range of drainage services including CCTV drain surveys, emergency blockages, removing stubborn builders’ concrete, root cutting and drain lining.

Just get in contact and we’ll make sure you get the right help and advice for your drainage issues.