Cleaning sewers

It’s not everyday your client emails in to say thank you for removing as much as 11 tonnes of silt per shift! Here at Wilkinson Environmental HQ we are feeling very proud of our boys!

With over 28 years’ experience in the drainage services industry, we pride ourselves on delivering results and being the best at removing emergency blockages, conducting CCTV drain surveys and cleaning sewers throughout the Midlands, Birmingham, Warwick, Leicester, Worcester, Northampton, Gloucester, Oxford, Bristol and beyond!

Cleaning sewers is not a glamorous job but somebody’s got to do it. Maintaining our sewers and keeping our drainage systems healthy, flowing and efficient is of utmost importance. It can’t be seen in everyday life, but there is a enormous network of public and private underground sewers that need regular maintenance in order to keep them working properly.

To prevent public sewers and drains from blocking regular cleaning sewers and gullies is needed to remove silt, debris and root mass. On a domestic level, households can avoid costly emergency drain blockages by not pouring hot fat or milk down drains where these warm liquids subsequently cool and solidify causing blockages.

Instead, by tipping them into a container where they can solidify and be thrown in the bin prevent any fat build up in drain pipes which subsequently traps other food stuffs or particles and causes blockages. Baby wipes should never be disposed of down the toilet. The only items your toilet should welcome with open arms are the three Ps…paper, pee and poo.

No one likes a blocked toilet or smelly blocked drain, so that’s where our drainage superheros come into the equation, we like to call ourselves the 4th emergency service!

With our fleet of CCTV drain survey vans, recycler Jet Vacs and bespoke Direction Water Cutter for those stubborn emergency blockages involving root mass, grout, steel pile foundation or even worse, builders concrete. Our team of drainage experts can get remove any sewer bloackage with minimal disruption due to our no-dig technology.

Where drains are blocked and, in some cases, subsequently collapse we also have specialist tools that can clean and then reline drains or sewers to make them as good as new. As expert consultants in CIPP drain lining, top hat lateral repairs and epoxy patch repairs we will consider most lining jobs and can offer a free quotation service.

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