High pressure water jetting: to clean blocked drains can be a big, unwanted headache, but at Wilkinson Environmental we can clear them quickly with our high-pressure water jetting tankers, also known to us drainage people as Jet Vacs. If a drain rod just won’t budge it, and a van pack (a smaller jetting vehicle) just can’t reach it, then our recycling jet vacs can blast through your drainage system and clear anything from large deposits of silt to horrible, smelly fatbergs.

What is drain jetting?
When it comes to drain cleaning, it’s a fast and effective drain cleaning solution that cleans blocked drains. Our recycling jet vacs are state-of-the-art tankers designed to blast blockages and debris away through high pressure water jetting. These jet vac recyclers come with jetting hoses that can twist, turn, and reach deep down into blocked drains, before releasing an forceful stream of water from the tanker at a minimum pressure of 2000psi.

The pressure of the water breaks down obstructs, so the blockage is washed away in smaller pieces without causing damage to the pipe. And, as their name suggests, our environmentally-friendly jet vac recyclers reuse the water they use during this drain cleansing process to reduce water wastage

The benefits of high-pressure water jetting
If you have continual issues with blocked drains, or call outs for emergency drain blockages, the initial benefits of our high-pressure water jetting technology (or HPWJ) are a fast, efficient, and a thorough way to completely clean blocked drains. As well as removing stubborn drain blockages, our drain jetting clears any other hidden debris, grease or fat that has built up, preventing future blockages and problems.

Signs of a blocked drain
The signs you need your drains unblocking are obvious and unpleasant. You may notice your WC water rising or taking ages to flush. You might hear bubbling noises from your sink, or slow-draining water from your sink basins. You may also smell unpleasant odours or see accumulating stagnant water around your drains. If you find any of these signs, it’s best to call in the drain cleaning experts to investigate. Remember, our high-pressure water jetting service is fast, reliable, and our drainage engineers can clean your blocked drains in no time at all.

Drain cleaning expert
At Wilkinson Environmental we carry out water jetting services across Atherstone, Nuneaton, Tamworth, Birmingham, Coventry and Leicester, with our trained local teams ready to provide drain cleansing solutions using our recycling jet vacs. Our Engineers all hold CSCS qualifications and are trained in high pressure water jetting (HPWJ).

Your local drain jetting team
Our drain jetting teams work across the Warwickshire, Leicestershire and The Midlands, unblocking drains for businesses and homeowners throughout the day, and by night they carry out specialist highways work, jetting and completing CCTV drain surveys.

Providing drain cleaning and sewer cleaning solutions to our West Midlands, Warwickshire, and Leicestershire clients, whether you need preventative blocked drain cleaning or have problems with emergency drain blockages, our Wilkinson Environmental experts are here to help.

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